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Creative Connections, Inc. is an Adult Family Home Agency (AFHA) that was founded in July 2005 and vendored by Kern Regional Center in August 2005. Creative Connections, Inc. provides quality living options to adults with Developmental Disabilities who are referred to our agency by Kern Regional Center.

A family home agency is a private organization under contract to, and vendored by, a regional center. An AFHA is responsible for recruiting, training, approving, and monitoring family homes, as well as providing ongoing support to family homes. Social service staff employed by the AFHA make regular visits to the family home to ensure services and supports are in place, and that the match between the family and the new family member (the client) is viable, and continues to be viable.

Family Homes certified through the AFHA program create new, alternate, or extended families for individuals with developmental disabilities (clients). Family Home Providers must be able to relate to individuals with developmental disabilities as adult family members, as well as provide services and supports respectful to the individual’s age, cultural background, personal preferences and life experiences. Services are to be provided based on a “Personal Centered Approach”. This approach considers the service and supports that are to be provided to clients on a case by case and individual basis.

Creative Connections, Inc. prides itself in offering a quality living option to the consumers that we serve. It is the goal of Creative Connections, Inc. to offer individuals associated with our agency with a “Family” atmosphere within the office and when integrating with our staff, consumers, and family home providers. Once affiliated with our agency you are “Welcomed to the CC Family”. Family is the foundation of our society. It is a place where people develop self-esteem, learn to exist in interdependence of others, and master life skills.

Creative Connections, Inc. offers various trainings, continuing education, and recreational activities to the consumers and providers that are a part of the “CC Family”. Training is an important dynamic of the Creative Connections, Inc. program. Creative Connections, Inc works diligently to ensure staff and family home providers maintain more than enough training that revolves around working with the people placed in our Creative Connections, Inc. family homes. Trainings are provided by licensed professionals, consultants as well as Creative Connections, Inc. staff. Creative Connections, Inc also offers training to the consumers in our program on topics such as budgeting, life skills, etc. Creative Connections, Inc provides holiday parties, movies days, and a variety of recreational activities for consumers, staff and family home providers on an annual basis. As stated above Creative Connections, Inc. provides an atmosphere of family which includes several “CC family” activities.

Creative Connections, Inc. staff works diligently to ensure the consumers in our program maintain services and supports that are based on their individual needs. Creative Connections, Inc. operates on the premise of “Putting People First”.


Family Homes may be appropriate for a person with a development disability client who:

  • Expresses a clear choice to live with a family
  • Would benefit from close personal relationships beyond those ordinarily provided by friends and acquaintances
  • Has experienced long-term separation from the community and would prefer strong family support
  • Does not require skilled nursing care


How does Creative Connections, Inc. Match Consumers to Family Homes?

The matching process consist of taking into consideration each individuals values, interests, and preferences. The agency utilizes the “matching process” when placing a client in a family home.  It is the agencies goal to ensure the living arrangement will be harmonious and that the individuals in the home have similar interests and values.


How do I become a Certified Family Home Provider?

  • Contact the Agency Recruiter to attend a scheduled Orientation explaining the AFHA Program
  • Complete 25 hours of initial training, including FA/CPR nd Behavior Modification Training. All training is provided by the Agency
  • Allow initial and ongoing assessments and evaluations of the Family Home by Agency staff
  • have an acceptable bedroom for the client. All clients are required to have their own bedroom and there is a maximum of 2 clients per home. This limitation helps to maintain the family home as a “family’ environment, rather than a residential facility or group home atmosphere
  • Understand the “matching’ process. matching individuals and families takes time and patience. The agency staff will help the family home providers and clients served consider the various issues and factors related to this process
  • The Family Home Provider must successfully complete a criminal background check. All children/adults in the home over the age of 18 and any frequent visitors to the home must also successfully complete a criminal background check
  • Family Home Provider must be able to complete record keeping and reporting requirements. The agency will provide details of record keeping and reporting requirements during the initial training process.

Family Home Providers are carefully screened and selected by the Agency. Family Home Providers are certified on an annual basis and are required to maintain a designated amount of on going training throughout the year to be recertified. The agency offers various training opportunities on a continual basis.

For additional information, please contact the Agency Recruiter:
Yromiki Wiley at (661) 387-1000 and by email at ywiley@mycreativeconnectionsinc.org


Commonly Asked Questions Regarding the AFHA Program

Q. Will it be possible for Family Home Providers to get time off?
A. Yes, The AFHA agency will offer the family home provider a designated amount of time off per month.

Q. How is a Family Home Provider paid?
A. A family home provider is paid a daily stipend based on the clients level of care. The level of care is predetermined by the agency and the regional center.

Q. What if the arrangement doesn’t work out?
A. If it becomes unnecessary for the client to find a new home, the agency and the regional center will help them find another living arrangement.


Creative Homes – Adult Residential Facility

Creative Connections, Inc. was licensed by the State of CA for an Adult Residential Facility (ARF) in July of 2009. Creative Connections, Inc. sister company “Creative Homes” provides residential services to 4 adults with Developmental Disabilities who have medical issues. The consumers who reside at the Creative Homes facility are provided with a family environment offering that offers services and supports based on their individual needs and desires. Creative Homes contracts with a Registered Nurse who visits the facility frequently to ensure the medical needs are met for the residents. The staff working at the facility receive initial and continued training to ensure they are all trained and capable of meeting the needs of each consumer in the home. Creative Homes offers the residents trips to the beach, the zoo, and various other recreational activities as well as participation in any and all Creative Connections, Inc. AFHA events. Creative Homes operates on the premise of “Family” as “Putting People First” is the motto for Creative Connections, Inc. and Creative Homes.

For additional information regarding Creative Homes please contact the Program Administrator Jermaine Watkins at (661) 665-4626.

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